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Thursday, 08 June 2017
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“PETROCHEMICALS IN RUSSSIA 2018: MARKETS, PRICES, FORECASTS” is aimed to become an eff icient platform to discuss the pressing issues of the petrochemical industry. It is an eff ective tool of communication between the sales, procurement, marketing and the strategic planning professionals. The event is conducted to analyze and discuss the key developments in the industry in 2017 as well as the preliminary petrochemical trade results and making the 2018 forecast for the petrochemical markets. The forum will cover the most vital issues relating to hydrocarbon feedstock, olefins and aromatic hydrocarbons.The conference participants will have an opportunity to obtain the analytical and the practical information from market players and Chem-Courier analysts, take part in discussions and conduct negotiations with business partners.


• manufacturers of petrochemical products

• traders

• petrochemical feedstock consumers

• transport and logistics company

• financial and investment companies etc.